Urban Snap!

Urban Snap! - A 3-Week iPhone Photography Course

Unleash your creative side and capture amazing photos of your furry best friend using just your iPhone! In this 3-week course, you'll learn all about iPhone camera settings, dog-friendly camera training, and lighting techniques to show off your dog's unique personality. Plus, we'll explore the powerful third-party app, Snapseed, to take your dog portraits to the next level. Are you ready to become a master of iPhone dog photography? Grab your iPhone and join us for Urban Snap!

Week 1: Camera Settings & Editing - Introduction to iPhone Camera Settings


Duration: 1 hour | No dog required for this session

In our first session, we'll cover the following topics:

  • Understanding your iPhone's built-in camera features and settings.
  • Tips for capturing clear, sharp images of fast-moving subjects (like your dog!).
  • Exploring in-camera editing options to enhance colours, contrast, and more.
  • Gaining confidence in using your iPhone camera to its fullest potential.

Week 2: Dog Training & Camera Comfort - Dog-friendly Camera Training


Duration: 1 hour | Bring your dog to this session

Our second session is all about helping your dog feel at ease in front of the camera. We'll cover:

  • Positive reinforcement training techniques to help your dog become comfortable with the camera.
  • Teaching your dog basic commands that will help in capturing stunning photos.
  • Learn how to wait for your dog to offer the best behaviour for the best results.
  • Tips for keeping your dog engaged and happy during the photo session.

Don't forget to bring your dog to this session for hands-on learning and practice.

Week 3: Lighting, Composure & Snapseed - Step up Your Dog Photography Game


Duration: 1 hour | Bring your dog to this session

Our final week focuses on creating eye-catching images with proper lighting and composition. You'll learn the following:

  • Tips for using natural and artificial light sources to create stunning dog photos.
  • The importance of background, composition, and how to make your dog stand out.
  • An introduction to Snapseed, a powerful third-party app that can elevate your iPhone dog photography.
  • Hands-on practice applying Snapseed to your own images with guidance from the instructor.

Bring your dog along for this session, as we will be practising lighting and composition techniques.

Course Details

Price: $225 per person
Duration: 1 hour per week for 3 weeks

Ready to turn your iPhone dog photos into impressive masterpieces? Sign up for Urban Snap and unleash your inner dogographer!


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