Exploring Canine Cognition

 A Journey Into The Canine Mind

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This unique course by Urban Dog Training is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for dog owners wanting to explore a deeper connection with their canine family members. By the end of the course, you'll see the world through their eyes and strengthen the unparalleled bond you share. Enrollment is now open – claim your spot and embark on this inspiring journey with your beloved dog.

Explore the inner working of your dog’s mind with this comprehensive course on canine cognition. This groundbreaking 6-week Urban Dog Training course starts in May 2023. Embark on an unforgettable adventure to unravel the mysteries of canine cognition and strengthen the profound bond between you and your dog.

By the end of this one-of-a-kind 6-week course, dedicated dog owners will have a deeper connection with their canine companions and a greater understanding of their thinking and emotional processes. You will have experienced engaging and practical activities, both in the class setting and at home, allowing you to put your newfound knowledge of canine cognition into practice. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to unlock the inner workings of your furry best friend's mind – enrol today and secure your spot!



Week 1: Discovery of the Canine Mind

Reveal a new world of understanding as we introduce you to your dog's fascinating mental abilities. We'll dive deep into canine perception, explore how dogs perceive their surroundings, and learn the art of canine communication. Uncover the secrets hidden in your dog's body language and decode their vocalisations.

Week 2: Unlocking Canine Intelligence

Get ready to be amazed at your dog's cognitive abilities! Experiment with problem-solving games, memory tests, and interactive puzzles, helping you understand the unique skills of your dog. Discover your dog's learning style and experience the thrill of mutual achievement as you work cooperatively with your canine companion.

Week 3: The Inborn Instincts

Unearth the primal instincts that drive your dog, from hunting and herding heritage to social behaviours. Engage in exciting group exercises, observing how these innate tendencies unveil, and learn to channel these instincts effectively to nurture your dog's potential.

Week 4: The Emotional World of a Dog

Peek inside the emotional realm of your four-legged companion, where we'll discuss the depth of their feelings, fears, and joys. Take part in stimulating activities designed to help you recognise and respond to your dog's emotions—creating a harmonious and lasting relationship based on empathy and trust.

Week 5: Canine Personality Profiling

In this captivating session, we'll dive into the canine personality matrix! Learn to identify and appreciate the diverse personalities present in dogs, from the rambunctious extrovert to the contemplative introvert. Analysing these traits will help you better understand your dog and tailor your training methods accordingly.

Week 6: Putting it all Together

In our grand finale, synchronise the learnings from previous weeks in a captivating set of challenges that consolidate your canine cognition knowledge. Witness the transformation in your bond as you and your dog embark on a remarkable journey together that transcends the physical – a deep and enriching partnership.

Course Cost

The cost of this 6-week course is $325.00 including GST.


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