FREE Introduction to Modern Dog Training

Modern Dog Training: A FREE Introductory Course

Welcome to our FREE introductory course for modern dog training! This 1-hour class, without your dogs present, will give future dog training enthusiasts an exciting opportunity to learn all about our training methods and approach. By signing up for this course, you'll get a taste of how we use the latest scientific techniques to make dog training more effective, fun, and nurturing. Let's dive into the fundamental concepts of this exclusive introductory course.

1. Positive Reinforcement Training

At the heart of our dog training program is positive reinforcement—an interactive way to motivate and encourage desired behaviours by rewarding your dog with treats, praise, or play (reinforcement). This approach fosters a bond between you and your dog and has proven to be highly effective and humane.

What You'll Learn:

  • The reasons why positive reinforcement is effective

  • Tips on utilising rewards for training
  • Making training a fun and interactive experience


2. Contextual Learning

Next, we'll dive into the concept of contextual learning. This technique helps dogs understand the desired behaviour in various situations, making it easier for them to adjust and adapt to different environments.

What You'll Learn:

  • Preparing your dog for real-world situations

  • Importance of reinforcement in different contexts
  • How to build your dog's confidence in new environments


3. How Commands and Cues Can Slow Training

In this section, we'll discuss the common traps of relying too much on commands and cues in training. A better understanding of when to use them can substantially improve your dog training successes.

What You'll Learn:

  • The pitfalls of overusing commands and cues

  • Subtler methods to communicate with your dog effectively
  • How to strike a balance between commands, cues, and positive reinforcement


4. Why We Use Clickers

Finally, we'll introduce you to the benefits of using clickers in dog training. This small but impactful tool can significantly improve communication and understanding between you and your canine companion.


What You'll Learn:

  • What are clickers, and why are they effective

  • How to appropriately use clickers in training

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Ready to embark on the fulfilling journey of modern dog training? Sign up for our free introductory course and discover our unique approach to creating a life-long bond between you and your beloved dog. Unlock your dog's potential through the power of positive reinforcement and the latest scientific training techniques. Don't miss this opportunity—join us today!

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