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Urban Dog Training is owned and operated by Award Winning Behavioural Dog Trainers, Danielle Dickinson and Paul Shelbourne. Their constant companions are their Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Steve and Garry (pictured right). Steve is a licensed therapy dog (with the Delta Pet Partner Program) who regularly visits residents in nursing homes with Danielle. Garry  is currently undergoing training as an Assistance Dog.

Both Danielle and Paul are committed to ongoing professional development and regularly attend conferences, seminars and workshops held by some othe world's most respected dog professionals. they also read avidly and further their studies in dog training and behaviour.

Brisbane Dog Trainers Paul and Danielle

Is Dog Ownership becoming too difficult for you?

Are you having trouble with your canine family member?

  • Excessive BarkingBad Boy Dog
  • Chewing Destructively
  • Not Coming When Called
  • Pulling on Lead
  • Digging
  • Ignoring You
  • Jumping All Over You
  • Stealing Your Things
  • Biting or Nipping
  • House-Soiling
  • Refusing to Pay Attention
  • Being Hyperactive or Unruly
  • Acting Aggressively
  • Acting Fearfully
  • Experiencing Separation Anxiety
  • Being Shy or Timid
  • Chasing or Lunging at Cars, Cyclists or Joggers

You are not alone!

In Australia, a staggering number of dogs are surrendered each year due to behavioural problems. It is estimated that around 20% of all dogs are surrendered to pounds and animal shelters and around 80% of these dogs are euthanased. It doesn't have to be this way! The vast majority of dog problems can be corrected.

Most dogs are simply in need of proper leadership and communication with their owners. At Urban Dog Training, we can teach you how to achieve this in an enjoyable and motivational way.

We can help!

Urban Dog Training offers Private Tuition, Group Classes or a combination of both to help you and your dog live together in harmony. Our methods are dog friendly, people friendly, easy to apply and based on the latest scientific research.

Why Choose Urban Dog Training?

  • We Provide a Fun, Positive Approach to Training
  • We are Award Winning Trainers
  • We Do Not Use Harsh Methods or Physical Punishment
  • Our Training Methods Are Easy to Understand and Apply
  • We Teach You How to Truly Enjoy Your Dog and Create the Relationship You Always Wanted
  • We Are Very Experienced & Professional
  • Member APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers Australia)
  • We Will Teach You How To Understand and Communicate with your Dog
  • Ongoing Support Via Email, Website and Telephone
  • We have Passion and Enthusiasm
  • We Constantly Strive for Improvement through Continuing Education
  • We Understand Your Frustration and the Pressures of Dog Ownership
  • We are Fully Registered and Insured
  • Our Monthly Newsletter Keeps You Up-To-Date with Training Tips and Advice


The key to any great relationship is communication!


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