FREE Play Group Orientation


Puppy Play Group Orientation    
In order to attend our FREE Play Group sessions you must attend our FREE Play Group Orientation session.  Our FREE Play Group Orientation session is held every Sunday from 12:00pm - 1:30pm.  Individuals who have not attended the FREE Play Group Orientation session will not be permitted access to our FREE Play Groups.
Please DO NOT bring your dog along to this session as this is a 'human-only' session.
The FREE Play Group Orientation session will cover the following vital information: 
  • Important Health & Safety Information
  • Puppy Play Group Rules
  • How to Support Timid, Shy or Frightened Puppies
  • How to Intervene with Boisterous, Over-Excited or Anti-Social Puppies
  • Information on Dog Body Language and Communication
  • Recognising good play and bad play and when to intervene 
Once you have completed the FREE Play Group Orientation, you will be issued with a Play Group Access Card (required for entry into our FREE Play Group sessions).  To obtain this card you will be required to bring your dog's current vaccination certificate.  Play Group Access Cards are issued when you attend your first FREE Play Group session.  
Arriving Early: It is critical to arrive on time for the FREE Play Group Orientation session as we do not allow for late arrivals.  You may want to allow extra time for travel/getting lost etc. Latecomers cannot be given individual sessions and will therefore will not be able to participate.  All instructors are required to supervise Play Groups and do not have the time to revise information already gone over with latecomers. There will be no exceptions made for any reason.
Wear Enclosed Non-Slip Shoes: Even though you do not have a dog with you there are still lots of other dogs around. You will be turned away if you are not wearing fully closed in, non slip shoes.
You Must Enrol: Please be sure you have enrolled into the FREE Play Group Orientation session because important information will be sent to you. See link below.


Can I attend Play Group that day?
No.  You will be able to attend our FREE Play Group session the following week.
What if my dog is turns 16 weeks old by the following week?
Your dog will be too old for our Free Puppy Play Group. If you enrol in one of our courses you will be able to attend our Free Urban Adolescent Play Group
What course should I enrol in?
If your puppy is under 16 weeks of age and you haven’t already attended Puppy School with a qualified trainer who teaches positive reinforcement style training we suggest Urban Puppy School. If your dog 16 weeks of age or older we recommend Urban Basics.
How many vaccinations does my puppy need?
Your puppy only needs to have received their first vaccination in order to attend play group, so long as they are not overdue for any subsequent vaccinations. You must provide us with your vaccination certificate before your first play group; any puppy without a certificate will be immediately sent home.
Who can attend?
You are welcome to bring as many friends or family members as you like to the session, so long as everyone adheres to our safety policies.  Children are also welcome to attend the FREE Play Group Orientation, though they must be supervised at all times and follow our safety policies for Children in Class.

What Should I Bring?
  • Enclosed Shoes (All family members including children)
  • Something to sit on eg picnic rug and/or chair


Will the FREE Play Group Orientation be cancelled for bad weather?
Please check our website if you are unsure whether or not the FREE Play Group Orientation will be held. We will post a notice on this page in the event that the session needs to be cancelled due to weather.
Please do not telephone us to see if the FREE Play Group Orientation has been cancelled as we are often unable to take calls on a Sunday due to our training commitments.
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