Below are some testimonials from some of our happy clients: 

'Just a short note to thank you so much for your dedication and professionalism.  We gained so much from the basic training course and so did Libby!!  It has made a huge difference to all of us, she seems such a happy, settled little pup now, thanks to you, your training methods and guidance.  The next step for us is deciding on the next training course and at this stage we are leaning towards the off-lead one.  Your Sunday play group has been invaluable for Libby and we also look forward to continuing with that.  We have already recommended you to a couple of friends and will have no hesitation at all in passing on your details with our high recommendations to anyone.'

Peter and Barbara Sheerin - Libby (Maltese X Shih Tzu)


‘We were going to give our retriever away due to behavioural reasons but after only a few sessions with Danielle Nelson is now top of his class and a much loved member of the family'

Andreas Andersen - Nelson (Golden Retriever)


Playgroup, Puppy School and Danielle's phone advice has helped us SOOOOOO much to better understand our canine companion, gain a greater friendship with our Dash and has no doubt allowed us to have a more socially acceptable dog in the Brisbane community and more locally, our neighbours.  Urban Dog Training is leaps and bounds above any other dog training facility in Brisbane from my experience, and their care and concern and commitment to dogs, owners and the wider community is absolutely magnificent! Many Thanks.

Gayle Sutcliffe-Rausch - Dash (Golden Retriever)


‘Danielle and her staff are very helpful and supportive'

Takako Timbrell - Elle (Burmese Mountain Dog)


‘I have found my dog training outstanding. I have been equipped with the skills that I need to continue to train my dog and I had great fun learning it.'

Robert Newbery - Thunder (Labrador x Golden retriever)

Diver - Olympic Gold Medallist


"Danielle establishes a good rapport with both the dog and their owners. She encourages the participation of the whole group and displays a willingness to help at all times. Danielle is very knowledgeable and gets results.'

Carrie - Ann Mark - Monty (Shih Tzu X)



Jo - ‘Danielle and her team of trainers have been unbelievably valuable to me and my Husky puppy. Without her I would still be totally clueless about understanding dogs. My dog would not be on the path to model dog citizen'

Peter - ‘Danielle has provided so much common sense advice often free and unconditional. She truly is committed to dogs!'

Jo & Peter Badenhorst - Zorro (Husky)

Exercise Scientist


‘Danielle provides invaluable advice, ongoing support and encouragement'

David Rolleston - Kailey (boxer)

Police Officer


‘Danielle knows the most about behavioural issues of any trainer I've ever met. She has helped me to solve issues before they turned into real problems.'

Cassie Fishbourne - Tory (German Shepherd)

IT Officer


‘Urban Dog Training genuinely care about dogs and their well being - great classes - very informative and willing to spend extra time with owners'

William Marx - Jazz (Labradoodle)


‘‘Danielle is very patient and understanding. I can't think of a better trainer.'

Emma Muggeridge - Beau & Piper (Field Spaniels)

Account Manager


‘Urban doog trainings amazing understanding of dogs enables  them to provide excellence in training so that dog owners can understand their dogs to train accordingly. They provide easy strategies that are extremely effective. Thank you Urban Dog Training.'

Hillary Barsby - Jack (Labrador)

Export Adviser


I’d would like to take the time to thank you and Paul for going above and beyond the call of duty and being so supportive and just wonderful. Matt and I have been saying since my first phone call with Danielle that this puppy school is fantastic value and  informative, but I feel its SOOO very much more than that its like we have friends that just happen to be experts and problem solvers to everything puppy related and its just so appreciated.  We will definatly be enrolling in more courses for Jackson and spreading the word that Urban dog training is the best place for puppy training and puppy parent training : )

Emma & Matt Skeen  - Jackson (German Sepherd x Blue Heeler)


‘‘Excellent Expertise in dog training'

Anja Lehner -  Zorro (Labrador x Border Collie)


‘Their passion for training has helped my dogs behaviour improve. I have recommended Urban Dog Training to several of my friends'

Mark Boreham - Jack (Labrador)



‘Lots of individual attention, great advice and very friendy'

Stina Oftedal - Stella (Standard Poodle)



‘Professionalism, enthusiasm, caring and Leadership'

Steve Barnham - Lara (Border Collie)

IT Consultant


"I originally had booked my puppy who is a Chihuahua cross Mini-Foxy into a Puppy School through my vet clinic.  After the third week out of a four week course I felt I had not gained knowledge and I had no control over my puppy's behaviour.  I was concerned that my pup was going to grow into a snappy dog who ruled me. 

I ended up phoning Urban Dog Training and enrolled her in their puppy training classes.  The trainers encouraged me to get a crate for her and within a couple of days of having the crate and using the tools the dog trainers had given me I saw a positive change in my puppy within days.  I now feel like I have control of my puppy and she's turned into a lovely natured pup.   

I really enjoyed these classes, the trainers are extremely friendly and knowledgeable about puppies needs and they really helped me to understand my pups behaviour."


Simi -  Chihuahua X Mini Foxie


"From the moment I saw Danielle (as a 5min guest appearance at our Park Ridge puppy school) I was impressed. Her confidence and leadership just oozes out and dogs respond to her instantly. I was inspired - could my little puppy Ben be as well trained as Stevie? I'd like to see that! So, I gave Urban Dog Training a try! The confidence I'm gaining as I learn along with Ben is amazing. Ben is a different dog, I'm learning to be the leader Ben craves and I couldn't have done it without you. Ben and I still have a long journey ahead of us, but with your help I know we can do it. Thanks so much to Danielle and all her staff for their passion, commitment, time (both during and outside of class times) and knowledge you've given us. I urge anyone who would like to communicate on a deeper level with their best friend to give Urban a try." 

Ben - Staffy X Kelpie - 6 months old


After exhausting all ideas trying to acclimatize Lochie to strangers and dogs, I asked my Veterinarian if she knew of any local animal behaviourists or reputable trainers who could help me with Lochie’s hostility. Among the names she gave me to try, I recognized one I had had recommended by another Vet, Danielle Dickinson.

I subsequently rang Danielle and discussed with her the possible causes of Lochie’s belligerent behaviour, and her recommended remedial action to correct it. Danielle suggested she should first come to my home to assess Lochie in his home environment, as this was quite important.

When she did so, she concurred with my Vet that Lochie was “anxious/aggressive” and was in need of specialized training before this anti-social conduct worsened.

Danielle then explained precisely what she would do to rectify Lochie’s problems, how long it would take, the results I could expect, and the cost of her services. My greatest concern was that her methodology might entail harsh treatment or punishment. After she had completely dispelled all my fears on this point, I asked her to proceed immediately.

Within three sessions Lochie’s behaviour had markedly improved. Not only was he walking calmly beside Danielle, but he even ventured into my next-door neighbours house; someone he had previously been terrified of!

One or two session later he was even “sitting” and “dropping” in the close proximity of his canine “arch enemies!” 

By the time he had completed a course of eight sessions he was also sitting and dropping in the presence of complete strangers and taking treats off of them, whereas previously he wouldn’t come within Cooee of another human. But best of all, he was also happily playing with strange dogs at the local park without first wanting to attack them.

People who had witnessed Lochie’s former anxious-aggressive behaviour, such as my Vet and her staff, were amazed at how much calmer and self assured he was. At home, where he had once nervously paced about almost continually, he was finally lying down on his bed and relaxing or sleeping.

In short, Lochie was a completely different dog to the fear-aggressive pup that had started the course eight weeks earlier. Danielle had not only fulfilled her forecast promise of a greatly improved disposition in Lochie, she had exceeded all my expectations.

Moreover, both Lochie and I thoroughly enjoyed learning Danielle’s commonsense training methods. As she explained; “The idea is to train the owner to train the dog!”

The difference in Lochie is nothing less than remarkable. Not only that, but the course proved to be a pleasurable bonding experience for Lochie and me.

I cannot recommend Danielle’s training methodology, her professional and practised approach, her infinite patience with dumb humans, and her unmistakable deep love of dogs highly enough.

She MOST definitely knows what she is doing with dogs and why she does it.

Lochie - German Shepherd - 6 months old


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