Urban Loose Lead Walking

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If your dog drags you down the street lunging, choking and coughing, can’t focus around distractions or you’d like to teach your dogLeash Manners Urban Dog Training to walk at heel, this course is ideal for you. If walking your dog is not only an unpleasant chore but embarrassing and painful enroll in this course today.

Having a dog that walks politely on lead is important for both your dog and you. If your dog pulls on lead and will not pay attention in public then you are less likely to take your dog out anywhere, resulting in feels of guilt and frustration. This then results in an under-exercised dog that is at a much higher risk of developing behaviour issues through lack of exercise and boredom.

All dogs can be taught to walk politely without pulling and even heel on lead, often very quickly and easily. This 6 week course is specifically designed to show you how!

Please leave your dog at home for the first week of this course to enable us to cover the theory aspect of the course. Prior to introducing the dogs into the class in week two.  


All dogs should be both dog and people friendly and have completed Urban Basics (or their equivalent with another training organisation, please call us to discuss). 


This course covers the following:

  • Proper Selection & Use of Training Aids (anti-pulling equipment that actually works)
  • Managing Pulling During the Training Process
  • Proper Reward Selection & Delivery (food and non-food rewards)
  • Leash Handling Skills (learn what to do at your end of the leash to create success)
  • Loose Lead Walking (for everyday, relaxing and enjoyable walks)
  • Heeling (when negotiating roads, distractions, crowds etc)
  • Emergency Stop/Halt
  • Left, Right & About Turns
  • Dealing with Distractions (including other dogs, people, cyclists, birds etc)
  • Changes in Pace (leaning to follow the pace you set)
  • Fun Games to Play on Walks (to keep your dog focused on you and not the environment)


The following materials will be provided to you as part of the course:

  • Training Clickers
  •  Handouts
  •  Graduation Certificate
  •  Ongoing Support Via Email or Telephone


The cost of this 6-week course is $325.00 including GST.


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