Sniff, Explore, Enrich!

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SNIFF, EXPLORE, ENRICH - Mastering the Long Leash

This exciting 6-week course, "Sniff, Explore, Enrich" is led by our experienced behavioural dog trainers, this course is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge to provide your dog with an enjoyable and enriching experience while maintaining loose leash walking on a normal leash. With a focus on positive reinforcement practices, we'll guide you through proper long leash handling, essential cues, and preventing tangles on a long leash.

  • Learn how to handle a long leash but prevent pulling on their every day leash
  • Teaching verbal cues and contextual cues
  • Teach your dog to not get tangled while walking on a long leash
  • How to use the environment as an enrichment tool
  • Gain increased problem-solving skills
  • Trouble shooting.
  • Help build on your relationship with your dog while in distracting environments.
  • Create more enjoyable and memorable outings together.
  • Lean how to create fun games out of nothing

With the knowledge and mastery of proper long leash handling skills, you open the door to a world of boundless enrichment and joy for both you and your dog.


Sniff, Explore, Enrich covers the following:

Foundation of Leash Handling

In our first session, we will lay the groundwork for successful long leash walks. Learn how to hold and maintain control of the 10-metre leash with confidence, ensuring a comfortable and safe experience for both you and your dog. We will dive into the principles of positive reinforcement and explore techniques that will shape desirable leash manners..

Cueing for Success

Discover the power of effective cues in creating a harmonious long leash walking experience. We will delve into the world of clear and consistent communication, teaching your dog cues that will enhance their understanding and responsiveness while exploring the world around them. Get ready to witness the transformation as you and your pup sync up like never before!

Tangle-Free Adventures

Tangled leashes can quickly turn a pleasant walk into a frustrating endeavour. Fear not! In this session, we will reveal practical strategies to prevent and manage leash tangling. From proper leash management techniques to teaching your dog to navigate obstacles with grace, you will be equipped to handle any situation with ease and finesse.

Enrichment on the Move

Enrichment does not have to end with leash walking; it can be incorporated into every step of your journey! Discover creative ways to engage your dog's senses and provide mental stimulation during your long leash walks. We'll share interactive games, scent work exercises, and other techniques to make each walk an enriching adventure for your furry companion.

Troubleshooting Challenges
Even the best of us encounter challenges along the way. This session is dedicated to addressing common obstacles that may arise during long leash walks. From distractions and pulling to reactivity, we will provide you with effective strategies and positive reinforcement techniques to overcome these hurdles and maintain a positive walking experience

Putting It All Together

Congratulations! You have come a long way in this journey. In our final session, we will review and reinforce everything you have learned throughout the course. We will also discuss additional tips and tricks to ensure continued success in your long leash adventures. Celebrate your achievements and embrace the newfound joy and freedom that comes with mastering the 10-metre leash!


Join us for this informative and engaging 6-week course, where we combine technical expertise with friendly humour to create an enjoyable learning experience. Remember, we approach dogs with respect and intelligence, valuing them as loyal, loving family members who deserve the best training and care.


Enrolment is limited, so secure your spot today! Contact us to embark on this exciting journey of unleashing freedom and enriching experiences for both you and your beloved canine companion.

Let us make every walk a delightful adventure together!


The following materials will be provided to you as part of the course:

  • Graduation Certificate
  • Ongoing Support via Email or Telephone


The cost of this 6 week course is $325.00 including GST 


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