Free Adolescent Dog Play Group

Free Adolescent Dog Play Group


FREE Adolescent Dog Play Group for Urban Dog Training Clients

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Urban Dog Training now runs a FREE Adolescent Dog Play Group every Sunday between 1:15pm - 2:15pm at the following address:

Carina State School

1413 Creek Rd (Cnr Meadowlands Rd)


Adolescent Play Group is open to all dogs, regardless of breed, aged between 4 - 12 months of age that are clients of Urban Dog Training and are currently enrolled in a course (must be fully paid).  Our FREE Adolescent Play Group provides a safe environment where your dog can get the important socialisation they need, in a controlled and friendly environment, supervised by behavioural dog trainers. Your dog will develop important social skills while having a great time and burning off some energy!


Although Urban Adolescent Play Group is a FREE service, enrolments are essential for each attendance as there are limited spaces available.  Enrolments close each Friday at 4.00pm, or earlier if full.

To qualify for the FREE Adolescent Play Group you must be;

  • Attending a course with Urban Dog Training; OR
  • Enrolled (and paid) for an Urban Dog Training course which is due to commence within the next four (4) weeks; OR
  • A VIP Client with Play Group Access (ie you have paid for a number of courses upfront or on a payment plan, at a discounted rate), as per our Urban VIP Packages.

If you would like to ensure that you have a place in Adolescent Play Groups every week then become a VIP Client and invest in an Urban VIP Package.  Purchasing multiple courses allows you to bring your dog every week, even if the session is full (subject the package option selected).  For more information on our Urban VIP Packages contact us at


If you are attending Adolescent Play Group for the first time it is essential that attend an Orientation session.  You must enrol into the Play Group Orientation session. Orientation sessions are held at 12.00pm every Sunday


We do not permit anyone under eighteen (18) years of age to attend our Adolescent Play Group sessions.

At Urban Dog Training we are committed to child safety around dogs. In Adolescent Play Group the dogs can be quite large and rambunctious, often causing injury to adults in attendance. Therefore, for Health & Safety reasons we cannot allow children into Adolescent Play Group.

Children and teenagers under 18 years of age are not permitted inside the fenced or waiting areas at Adolescent Play Group.Children at Adolescent Dog Play Group

It is advisable to bring along another adult to supervise them while you attend Play Group with your dog. All Urban Dog Training staff are required to supervise the play sessions and cannot supervise children.

Please understand that we cannot make exceptions to the above.

Rules for children:

  • Children less than 18 years of age are not permitted inside the playgroup area or waiting zones.
  • Parents must ensure that children are adequately supervised by another adult.
  • Children must NOT be allowed to approach dogs that are not their own.
  • Children must not be allowed to run, yell, squeal or scream.
  • Children must not be permitted to play ball games, use bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades, scooters inside the school grounds (as directed by Carina State School).
  • Children are not permitted to use the Play Ground equipment on the school grounds (as directed by Carina State School)

Adolescent Play Group will not be held in inclement or very hot weather. Please check our website and Facebook page before you leave home if you are unsure whether or not Adolescent Play Group will be held. We will post a notice on this page and on our Facebook page in the event that adolescent play group needs to be cancelled due to weather.

Please do not telephone or email us to see if Adolescent Play Group has been cancelled as we are unable to respond on a Sunday due to our training commitments.

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