FREE Exclusive Urban Legends Social Group


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Urban Dog Training now runs a FREE Urban Legends Social Group every Sunday between 1:30pm - 2:30pm at the following address:

Carina State School

1413 Creek Rd (Cnr Meadowlands Rd)


Urban Legends Social Group is open exclusively to all socially appropriate desexed dogs that have completed six (6) Urban Dog Training obedience courses, regardless of age, breed or size. Our FREE Urban Legends play group provides a safe environment where your dog can continue to get the important socialisation they need, in a controlled and friendly environment, supervised by behavioural dog trainers, for the rest of your dog’s life! Your dog will have a great time socialising and you’ll develop friendships with other committed dog lovers in our local community! 



Our aim is to provide a safe, supportive atmosphere where our client’s dogs can relax and socialise with socially appropriate dogs. Additionally, we want to promote socialisation opportunities for our clients and staff among the Urban Dog Training dog-loving community. 

Inclusion in this play group is conditional upon your dog’s suitability for off-leash socialisation with dogs of all sizes and breeds. Although this play group is available to Urban Legends exclusively, your status as an Urban Legend does not automatically entitle your dog for inclusion, since only socially appropriate dogs will be permitted to attend. Dog’s displaying aggression, anti-social behaviour or timidity are not suitable for off-leash play. This play group is not a format to rehabilitate anti-social or fearful dogs. 

We reserve the right to remove and exclude any dog that is deemed aggressive, anti-social or fearful at any time for the safety of all concerned, including your dog. If you are unsure of your dog’s suitability for inclusion in this play group please contact us to arrange an assessment, the cost of which will be $75.00. Additionally, dogs who have not attended any of our play groups for a period of 6 months or more will automatically need to be assessed for suitability, unless our staff are positive your dog is appropriate for inclusion. The cost of the assessment is payable prior to your assessment and non-refundable if your dog is deemed unsuitable. Please understand that we need to ensure the physical and emotional safety of all dogs and people in attendance and no exceptions can be made for anti-social dogs. 


Although Urban Legends Social Group is a free service enrolments are essential for each attendance as there are limited spaces available. Enrolments close each Friday at 4:00pm, or earlier if full.

To qualify for inclusion in the FREE Legends Play Group your dog must be desexed and have completed at least six (6) Urban Dog Training obedience courses.



This play group will not be segregated into small and large breeds. All dogs regardless of breed or size will socialise together, so your dog will need stellar social skills. 




Anyone attending play groups at Urban Dog Training is required to attend our free, informative Orientation Lesson. If you have not attended this lesson in the past 12 months you will need to enrol and attend prior to enrolling into play group. Orientation sessions are held at 10:30am every Sunday



At Urban Dog Training we are committed to child safety around dogs. In Urban Legends Play Group the dogs can be quite large and rambunctious, often causing injury to adults in attendance. Therefore, for Health & Safety reasons we cannot allow children into Urban Legends Play Group.

Children and teenagers under 18 years of age are not permitted inside the fenced or waiting areas at Urban Legends Social Group.

It is advisable to bring along another adult to supervise them while you attend Play Group with your dog. All Urban Dog Training staff are required to supervise the play sessions and cannot supervise children.

Please understand that we cannot make exceptions to the above.

Rules for children:

  • Children less than 18 years of age are not permitted inside the playgroup area or waiting zones.
  • Parents must ensure that children are adequately supervised by another adult.
  • Children must NOT be allowed to approach dogs that are not their own.
  • Children must not be allowed to run, yell, squeal or scream.
  • Children must not be permitted to play ball games, use bicycles, skateboards,
  • rollerblades, scooters inside the school grounds (as directed by Carina State School).
  • Children are not permitted to use the Play Ground equipment on the school grounds
  • (as directed by Carina State School)


Urban Legends Social Group will not be held in inclement or very hot weather. Please check our website and Facebook page before you leave home if you are unsure whether or not Urban Legands Social Group will be held. We will post a notice on this page and on our Facebook page in the event that Urban Legends Social Group needs to be cancelled due to weather.

Please do not telephone or email us to see if the Urban Legends Play Group has been cancelled, as we are unable to respond on a Sunday due to our training commitments.


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