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An Urban Christmas Tail - Photo Fundraiser

An Urban Christmas Tail

Totally Wild Shoot

On Tuesday 17th May (11) we had a fantastic time filming a segment on Canine Body Language for Totally Wild on Channel 10.

Totally Wild Shoot
Stevie took centre stage as he always does, taking the lime light away from any human who tried to be filmed performing like the true professional he is.

Other stars that didn’t make to the photo album but will make an appearance on TV are

  • Buffy the Beagle – Owned by Eden Thornton & Andrew Houghton
  • Koda the Japanese Spitz – Owned by Alexandra Leeson & Alan Flynn
  • Zac the Maremma X Blue Healer – Owned by Louella Harley

TheTotally Wild crew were all charming. We had a great day.

 The Urban Puppy YouTube Channel

Watch how dog trainers raise their own puppy!

The first year in the life of Trevor, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, belonging to Paul and Danielle from Urban Dog Training.

This is real life dog training in our own home designed to teach everyone how dog training translates to real life situations, inside and outside the home.

Join us and watch Trevor's first year of life!

We only use modern reward based training techniques to create a behaviourally healthy dog, who is a joy to live with. This powerful method of training helps your dog to make the right choices and strengthens the bond between you and your dog. Training should be fun for you and your dog!

Top Trainer Award!

Urban Dog Training is proud to announce that we have won the highly acclaimed "Top Trainer" Paws & Claws Awards 2008

"The aim of the awards is to recognize high achievers within the pet and animal industry to show our appreciation for their hard work, commitment and unrelenting passion. Every year, all animal-related charities will be given the opportunity to submit an application to be considered as the awards' chosen beneficiary." - Paws & Claws Magazine  

Awards Night 

The beneficiary of this year's awards is the Animal Welfare League of Queensland Inc (AWL), a non-profit, non-government funded, charitable organisation. They rely on community support through donations, fundraising efforts and volunteers. The AWL provides for thousands of animals in need of shelter and food.  

We thank you for your support and for voting for us!

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