Urban Advanced Puppy School

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Available in Carina only. This 4 week course is ideal for puppies that have previously completed Urban Puppy School. Class sizes are small to allow for individual attention. This course is designed to expand on things already learned in Puppy School and continue the Socialisation process. Exercises already learned will be expanded upon and new exercises taught. We will teach you how to get your puppy to behave well in the real world! To get the full benefits of the course, practicing at home during the week is vital. Puppy Training Advanced

This course will help you to get the most out of training and living with your puppy, resulting in a behaviourally healthy dog, who is a pleasure to own and they envy of everyone.

Avoiding common problems such as Jumping Up, Barking, Attention-Seeking, Hyperactivity and Digging are also addressed during this course.


Urban Advanced Puppy School covers the following:

  • On Your Mat
  • Sit-Stay
  • Recall (intermediate level)
  • Spook Proofing
  • Introduction to Tug/Fetch Games
  • Working with Distractions
  • Tricks
  • Grooming
  • Proofing Existing Commands for the Real World
  • Walking on Lead (without pulling)
  • Teaching Give
  • Getting Rid of Food Lures
  • Integrating Obedience with Life Rewards
  • Continued Socialisation
  • Problem Prevention (jumping up, biting, resource guarding)
  • Games & Fun!


The following materials will be provided to you as part of the course:

  • Homework Sheets
  • Training Notes
  • Graduation Certificate
  • Ongoing Support via Email or Telephone


The cost of this 4 week course is $195.00 including GST or $180.00 including GST if course is Pre-Paid (i.e. course paid in full minimum 2 working days before course start date)


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